Executive Director

Mt. Airy Business Improvement District

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  • Posted

    Jun. 30, 2017
  • Location

    Mt. Airy, Philadelphia
  • Type

    Full-Time Job

Financial Management
 Maintain financial and legal records, and provide reporting as requested by the Board.
 Manage collections and lien filings by making follow up calls, sending monthly invoices, and developing relationships with property owners.

Management of Program and Street Cleaning Services
 Initiate and lead projects that further the mission of the BID.
 Organize street cleaning and beautification projects.
 Manage delivery of street cleaning services.
 Supervise BID Ambassadors and intern(s).

Grant and Sponsorship Solicitation
 Research potential sources of funding, and provide grant writing to support BID projects and programs.

 Develop relationships with local media sources, and attract attention for BID projects and accomplishments.
 Develop and maintain a Mt. Airy BID web site and use social media to raise the BID’s visibility.
 Research and make Board aware of best practices used by other successful BIDs.
 Develop email database to efficiently communicate with BID property owners, businesses, and nonprofits.
 Produce and distribute six e-newsletters per year.
Meeting Management
 Provide staff support to the Board and Board committees.
 Represent the Board in relations with other BIDs, neighborhood organizations, and elected officials.
 Facilitate meetings with property owners to identify common visions, challenges, and solutions.

The ideal candidate for the position of Executive Director of the Mt. Airy BID should have the following minimum qualifications:
• Undergraduate college degree preferred.
• Two Years of experience working at or with a nonprofit community organization.
• Working knowledge of QuickBooks, Word, Excel, Facebook, and Constant Contact.
• Experience with consensus building, community outreach, grant writing and accounting.
• Demonstrated indicators of self-starter initiative, creative thinking, strong organizational and writing skills, and a passion for improving the Mt. Airy business district.

The Mt. Airy BID Executive Director will be paid $45,000 annual total compensation. We provide a flexible work environment. This position includes two weeks of paid vacation per year.
The Executive Director will be hired as an employee of the Mt. Airy BID. All normal employer payroll expenses (FICA, PA Unemployment, Federal Unemployment, Worker’s Compensation) will be the responsibility of the BID. Health insurance is available but, if requested, the cost will be deducted from total compensation.
The Mt. Airy BID Executive Director will work from the BID’s offices at 6703 Germantown Avenue, 2nd Floor, Philadelphia, PA 19119.

How to Apply

To apply for the Mt. Airy BID Executive Director position, please send or email your resume, cover letter, and supporting materials to: Ken Weinstein Chair Mt. Airy Business Improvement District 6825 Germantown Avenue, 2nd Floor Philadelphia, PA 19119 Or Ken@PhillyOfficeRetail.com All applications must be received by Friday, July 14, to be considered.

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