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  • Students should have knowledge about developing a sales strategy and be able to manage a sales budget.
  • Students should be able to demonstrate effective sales through work, team building and/or community leadership.
  • Students should be at the seniors with most of their sales and marketing courses completed.
  • Students should have an entrepreneurial spirit and an interest in working for a new startup.


1. Creating a Sales Plan for a startup.

2. Generating sales leads and member signups for MeetFriendz.com3. Achieving sales outcomes based on revenue goals (these outcomes can be listed on your resume for future job applications)

3. Achieving sales outcomes based on revenue goals (these outcomes can be listed on your resume for future job applications)

4. Managing a Sales Budget (Approximately $1500 per term will be on your budget) for travel expenses and registration fees.

5. Arranging and attending events that you enjoy.

6. Attending all sales meetings- these will occur weekly by phone and will include one kickoff meeting (Tentative: September 7th Location TBA) and End of the Semester Meeting.

Bonus: If the sales team meets their fall sales goals, the top two sales reps and their guest will be going to Amsterdam for Spring Break, accommodations paid for by MeetFriendz.

To Sum Up:

Cash During the Semester

Cool Team Learning Project

Travel and Unbelievable Learning Experiences

Opportunity for Executive Level Job Upon Graduation

About Us

A Degree2Career Startup Company–Project MeetFriendz¬†

Mission: Life is about Experiences.

MeetFriendz was designed to give members the opportunity to connect with new like-minded people. Arrange interest-based meetups and engage in thrill-seeking, travel, concerts, fairs, car shows, shopping, sports teams, volunteering, camping, religious events, pubs, gym, LGBTQ, sober living, and book clubs. Members choose and plan what is right for them. There are also ways to search for other members based on particular hobbies, music, and/or movies. The Hurricane network has now been added for free to help those most in need to help them get their lives back. This project is about helping students gain real life experiences that will help them obtain jobs upon graduation.

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