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Mar. 20, 2017 3:30 pm

Grade Philadelphia’s ‘social enterprise ecosystem’

Philadelphia was nowhere to be found in last year's Halcyon Incubator study of American social enterprise ecosystems. Here's your chance to change that.

Where does Philly stand?

(Photo by Flickr user Mike Boening Photography, used under a Creative Commons license)

There’s no shortage of interest in social innovation in Philadelphia. In fact, it’s something the city increasingly prides itself on.

That’s why it was so strange that Philly, an arguable leader in impact investing and social entrepreneurship, was nowhere to be found on a Halcyon Incubator survey of American social enterprise systems last year.

The reason was simple enough: Halcyon just didn’t collect enough responses from folks in the region.

Unfortunate, seeing as the purpose of the study is to better understand the ways in which cities are supporting social innovation.

The good news: Halcyon, Capital One and the University of Maryland are doing the survey again this year. Check it out below.

Take the survey
Tony Abraham

Tony Abraham is Technically Media's special projects reporter, where he currently edits's Grow PA series. He reports for both and Generocity and was a Philly News Award winner for Community Reporting of the Year in 2016. A proud native of Allentown, Pa., the Temple University alumnus calls Fishtown home.

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