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Reach 33,000 local influencers and leaders in nonprofits, mission and social enterprise

Creative is the sponsored content and advertising arm of Generocity. We work directly with clients to deliver engaging and authentic campaigns to market your company, product or initiative to a growing audience of funders and leaders of mission organizations who care about maximizing impact in Philadelphia.

  • Expert and niche: Our editorial and engagement teams will help you shape your message for our audience.
  • Big local reach: Each month, we reach more than 33,000 unique visitors each month in Philadelphia.
  • Finely tuned and customized: Our advertising campaigns utilize effective, next-gen content marketing strategies.
  • Beautiful, integrated campaign: Sponsored content and advertisements are placed natively in our news feed, making it easy to reach new audiences.
  • Social: Each campaign comes with social promotion built-in, which amplifies the reach of your sponsored content.
  • Business ROI: Clear, concise reports show the quantitative impact of your campaign


  • 45,000 pageviews per month and growing

  • 17,000 unique visitors per month

  • 3.3 million reached in social media per month

  • Millennials ages 18-34 make up 47% of our audience

  • Women make up 43% of our audience

  • 44% of traffic driven from mobile devices

  • 10,000 social media followers

  • 117% year-over-year visitor growth


Custom Articles Generocity helps brands create specialized, custom content to help connect with the right audience. Reach 33,000 monthly readers in Philadelphia.

Article Units Our advertising units integrates with your existing creative and helps promote native sponsored content in industry-standard ad specs. It’s more enjoyable, more impactful and most importantly, more clickable.

Social Reach Every campaign includes its own social media campaign. Your story reaches thousands of people on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and in our email newsletters.

Social Boost Enhance the delivery of your sponsored content to specific audiences, based on industry, sector, demographic and much more. Social Boost is proven to grow engagement.

SEO Engine Every organization that publishes with Generocity and Technically Media receives a custom Directory page that aggregates news and information, boosting SEO and click-backs to your organization.

Success Strategy Our partners receive an in-house engagement specialist to define outcomes and help you deliver the right message to the right audience.

Insights Partners receive a customized Insights report that details the reach and impact of a campaign.

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