Jacqueline Lewis founded the World Gratitude Map to help folk #SeeTheGood.

NBCNews calls World Gratitude Map a crowd-sourcing project with an uplifting mission.” Scientific American says: “a new online map encourages users to document and celebrate the good things in life, a practice that some research suggests may bolster immune system function and increase feelings of well-being.” Since its inception, this innovative crowdmap has been accessed by >23,000 people in 100 countries.This innovative online resource has been embraceded by  Lululemon, Success Magazine, and South African Radio and others:

Nuvanna: “The World Gratitude Map has two types of users, and both benefit greatly.  The first are those who are participating to report instances of gratitude; they are happy to share their experience and revel in the joy of others. The second visit because they are glum; they do not feel gratitude and visit the site to see what in the world people have to be so grateful for. ”

Interview on Alice FM Radio, Springfield Illinois

American Magazine: “The World Gratitude Map ( tracks outbreaks of gratefulness across the earth in microposts from gratitudees, geographically e-pegged and telling tales of good fortune and thanks that can be read by all. Perhaps in the future U.N. quick-reaction teams can use the map to rush emotional resources to hotspots of ingratitude.”


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