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Recovery Center for Homeless Patients Opening this January

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East Germantown is getting a new facility this January that will house and administer care to homeless men after they leave the hospital. The idea behind this kind of service is to provide a space where homeless patients can fully recover before being sent back out on the street. No such service exists now, leaving many homeless patients to recover in harsh environments.

The 6-bed recovery center will be added to the Depaul House, a shelter and hub for homeless services managed by the nonprofit Depaul USA. The center will provide 24-hour security, three meals per day and on-site nurses who can administer drugs.

The Public Health Management Corporation (PHMC), a nonprofit public health institute, will provide social workers to help individuals prepare for their discharge by providing information about shelters and other kinds of supportive housing.

“Men who get referred will have case management and start planning their discharge on intake,” said Sandra Gillory, executive director of Depaul House.

Four hospitals have partnered with Depaul House and will refer homeless patients and provide specific timelines for the kind of care they need and for how long.

The City of Philadelphia’s Office of Supportive Housing gave $30,000 towards renovations and equipment. Depaul House is still waiting on more foundation funding to pay for staffing costs, but future plans include opening a bigger facility with the help of PHMC.

“Right now, we’re just trying to demonstrate that we can save money and help people access better housing,” Gillory said.

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