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News Links: Celebrating the Philadelphia2035 Plan, Center City District Releases Job Report, A Haven for Homeless in the Cold

January 10, 2014 Category: People
 no text Celebrating the Philadelphia2035 Plan

This week Philadelphia took a moment to celebrate the progress made over the last year in the ongoing Philadelphia2035 planning process. Plan Philly reflects on these developments. [Plan Philly]


Center City District Releases Job Report

The Center City District has a role outside keeping downtown Philadelphia clean and safe. It has also instigated civic and economic dialogue in the city through extensive research. This new report by the District breaks down how and where job growth is happening in the city. [Pathways to Job Growth PDF]

no text A Haven for Philadelphia’s HomelessWith record breaking winter weather, Project HOME and the City of Philadelphia’s Department of Behavioral Health worked together at the Hub of Hope inside SEPTA’s 15th Street Station to provide a warm haven for Philadelphia’s homeless. [6abc]
no text Vacant School District Buildings Garner Interest

From our Partners

The School District of Philadelphia received 20 offers on vacant properties and buildings. The Inquirer reports that the District will have to sell $61 million worth of its properties by June to cover the amount pledged by the City. [The Inquirer]

no text Shifting Poverty in Philadelphia’s Inner-ring Suburbs The Department of Housing and Urban Development is offering a counseling program to Section 8 renters in Philadelphia’s inner-ring suburbs that would help them move to higher-opportunity areas in the region. [Newsworks]




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