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Destination Frankford Presents 5 Womrath Park Sculpture Finalists

January 13, 2014 Category: Uncategorized

Destination Frankford, a coalition of city and neighborhood organizations, is preparing to roll out a large-scale art-based project in Womrath Park — the first component of a three-part strategy to use arts and creative design to enliven the area.

The place-making initiative, funded by ArtPlace America, is part of the Philadelphia City Planning Commission’s Philadelphia 2035 Lower Northeast District Plan. 

Over 100 submissions came in from artists around the country to create a sculpture to adorn Womrath Park, located at the intersection of Frankford Avenue and Kensington Avenue. Each of the five finalists will present their designs and answer questions at an upcoming open community meeting on January 27. A jury will then select the winner. The final project is expected to be installed by November 2014.

The second and third components of the project include new signage and a way-finding system for the neighborhood, as well as a pop-up art gallery.

In the meantime, Destination Frankford is shining a spotlight on the artists, entrepreneurs, and creative businesses working in the neighborhood through their blog, Instagram, and Twitter, with help from partners such as The Frankford Gazette, Keep Philadelphia Beautiful, and TTF Watershed.

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Check out the five finalists below.

Images via Destination Frankford.
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Destination Frankford

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