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Updated: PolicyMap Revolutionizes Data Visualization with 3-D Technology

April 1, 2014 Category: MethodUncategorized

The Reinvestment Fund has announced today an upgrade to their PolicyMap tool that promises to be the “future of mapping technology.”

According to a statement released on their blog, “[The Reinvestment Fund] always had the problem that we have over 15,000 indicators, but only one plane to view them on.”

“By utilizing 3-D technology, we can better leverage the data we have to create maps that truly pop out at you.”

Watch the 3-D PolicyMap™ demo video below. 


You can even download and create your own DIY 3-D PolicyMap™ Glasses here. (Red and blue cellophane must be purchased separately.)

Unfortunately, 3-D PolicyMap™ does not work with Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome. For the best experience, users are urged to install and run Netscape Navigator v10.

The team is already working on their next upgrade that utilizes 4-D geo-aroma technology and seeking beta testers. For more information, visit

Update: in case you didn’t already catch on, this story was posted in fun and is entirely not true. Happy April Fools’ Day! 

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