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Pew Charitable Trusts Announces $7.34 Million in Grants for Vulnerable Adults

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pewLast week Pew Charitable Trusts announced $7.34 million in grants for 45 local organizations working with vulnerable adults.

The 45 organizations selected serve those struggling with homelessness, mental health issues, and extended periods of unemployment. The grants range from around $100,000 to $300,000. The largest grant by a wide margin went to Project HOME for its comprehensive support of homeless individuals.

“Pew is pleased to support these agencies, which have demonstrated their capacity to improve lives by providing critical services, including counseling, substance abuse treatment, skills training, and job placement,” said Michael Dahl, senior vice president of Pew’s Philadelphia program, in a press release.

Pew provided the grants to:

  • 15 nonprofits who help low-income adults with preparation to obtain available jobs, including the University City District, which runs the West Philadelphia Skills Initiative, a program to help low-income adults obtain work in neighboring health and education institutions.
  • 8 nonprofits that help improve the outcomes of people with significant mental health challenges, including Women Against Abuse, which offers therapy to women experiencing trauma, depression and anxiety as a result of domestic violence.
  • 22 nonprofits that offer a combination of services to people with multiple, complex needs, including the Broad Street Ministry’s Hospitality Collaborative, which offers nutritious, family-style meals to homeless and other low-income individuals as well as helps them receive medical and behavioral health treatment, HIV testing and referrals, and legal assistance.

These nonprofits will help approximately 25,000 people over each of the next three years, according to the Pew Charitable Trust. View a complete list of the nonprofits receiving the grants on Pew Charitable Trust’s website.


West Philadelphia Skills Initiative

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