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Event: 2014 Philadelphia BMe Leader Awards Ceremony

June 23, 2014 Category: Uncategorized

On June 24, BMe Philadelphia will hold an award ceremony for its 2014 leaders in Philadelphia at Impact Hub Philadelphia. The program will include a keynote speech by Senator Anthony Williams, an induction ceremony, live entertainment, refreshments, and networking.

The 2014 BMe Leaders are comprised of 30 men, 10 each from Baltimore, Detroit and Philadelphia.

BMe gives Leadership Awards each year to provide recognition, funding, and networking opportunities to black men who take action in their communities that make them more caring and prosperous. Since 2012, BMe has presented 70 awards to black men who continue to make a significant and lasting impact on their neighbors and city.

“There are 10 black men in Philadelphia who have shown their commitment to the work they’re doing,”said Alex Peay, BMe’s community manager in Philadelphia. “Each recipient will get 10,000 dollars to go towards a certain project and they’ll also be part of this network of other BMe leaders across different channels.”

The 2014 Philadelphia BMe Leaders are:

  • Damon Holley
  • Isaiah Thomas
  • Jamar Izzard
  • Mike O’Bryan
  • Will Little
  • Youssef Kromah
  • Jeffery Jones
  • Howard Stevenson
  • Brian Sprowal
  • Samuel Reed

Each of the leaders will continue to share their stories and have their work highlighted throughout the year by BMe.

BMe, a nonprofit, builds caring and prosperous communities inspired by black men. The organization works with people of all races and sex to work together to create positive change in a variety of areas such as youth development, public health, violence prevention, strategies for successful re-entry, protecting the environment, community farming, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy.

View a  complete list of the 2014 leaders and their bios on BMe’s website.

When: Tuesday, June 24, 2014, 6:30 pm to 8:30 pm
Where: Impact Hub Philadelphia, 1227 N. 4th St Philadelphia, PA 19122
More Info: BMe Website

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