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Last Day to Comment on DVRPC’s Regional Transportation Plan

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Screenshot of map of TIP projects developed by DVRPC

The Delaware Valley Regional Transportation Commission (DVRPC) is accepting public comments until 5:00 pm today on the region’s Transportation Improvement Plan (TIP). The plan outlines transportation projects that intend to use federal funds over a four year period and is required for the region to receive those funds.

Local advocates for more pedestrian and bicycle infrastructure have lauded the DVRPC for designating funding to non-highway projects, but have also called on Greater Philadelphia residents to continue to push for increased funding.


The Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia has pushed for more spending on the Circuit, a regional trail network that spans South Jersey and Southeastern Pennsylvania.

“The Draft Pennsylvania TIP does contain funding for nine Circuit trail projects. But, the amount of funding dedicated to those projects over a four year period is only 0.9% of the total TIP budget,” wrote Sarah Clark Stuart, deputy director of the Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia, on the organization’s blog.

“While DVRPC deserves to be commended for committing an additional funding toward the Circuit, we also need to encourage the region to make a larger investment in future years,” Stuart continued.

Some of the programs that will receive funding through the TIP include the Philadelphia Bike Share program and a network of neighborhood bike projects in South Philadelphia.

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More information, including a draft of the TIP plan, is available here. The Bicycle Coalition has a way to submit comments to DVRPC on its own site, available here.

Further Information 

2015 TIP Highlights

DVRPC’s Transportation Improvement Program Handbook 

Map of the Circuit 

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