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Destination Frankford Announces New Pop-Up Park, Frankford Pause

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At a Destination Frankford block party on Saturday, Mayor Nutter unveiled the conceptual plans for Frankford Pause, a pop-up park to be built on a vacant lot next to the Margaret-Orthodox Station of the Market-Frankford Line.

Destination Frankford is an arts-based initiative that uses marketing and creative placemaking to enhance and expand the resources of Frankford’s growing arts, artisanal industry, and creative business economy. The park, set to open next spring, will be located next to Destination Frankford’s pop-up gallery.

Frankford Pause was designed by volunteer members of Community Design Collaborative:

  • Alexa Bosse, Architectural/Landscape Designer
  • Ari Miller, Landscape Architect
  • Andrew Allwine, Architectural Designer
  • Benjamin Cromie, Planner
  • Robin Miller, Lighting Designer

Frankford Pause will serve as hub of community activity as well as a venue for gatherings and celebrations. It will have a performance stage, open lawn, and a vegetable garden. Though temporary, the park is designed to lay the groundwork for a permanent park in the future.

In the park, there will be paths of pink artificial turf traversing the lot and loops of hot pink shade cloth which will crisscross the sky. The loops will contain lighting activated by the sound of passing trains.

There will also be moveable cubes covered in pink artificial turf that can be reconfigured to fit any community event as well as plywood platforms for sitting, reclining, play, and performances.


A rendering of the future Frankford Pause

Learn more about the project at

From our Partners

Images via Community Design Collective and Destination Frankford


Destination Frankford

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