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Aug. 18, 2014 12:58 pm

From the Team: Revisiting the 2014 Philly DoGooder Winners 5 Months Later

[metaslider id=30491] It’s been 5 months since the 2014 Philly DoGooder Awards, a video contest to promote social impact in Philadelphia, and it’s time to follow up with the winners. We’ve reached out to this year’s winning organizations and community leaders and highlighted their responses. The goal of the Philly DoGooder Video Awards is to […]

Philly DoGooder organizers Here’s My Chance and congratulate Community Leader winners at the 2014 awards ceremony.'s 2nd Annual DoGooder Awards University of the Arts, Hamilton Hall March 12, 2014

[metaslider id=30491]

It’s been 5 months since the 2014 Philly DoGooder Awards, a video contest to promote social impact in Philadelphia, and it’s time to follow up with the winners. We’ve reached out to this year’s winning organizations and community leaders and highlighted their responses.

The goal of the Philly DoGooder Video Awards is to tell the stories of people doing good, through their organizations and as individuals. Organizations of all types, including nonprofit, for-profit, and startups, applied to be a part of this year’s contest. Though all of these organizations are committed to their respective missions, they now have a better understanding of how marketing and storytelling are also essential to achieving their goals.

DoGooder challenged social impact organizations to create a video to tell their story. The contestants competed for $35,000 worth of marketing services to further their mission.

Here’s My Chance, a creative agency for good, and’s partner on the Philly DoGooder awards, has taken the reins in organizing the winners and working with them to continue to promote their missions.

Click here to read more about each winner and view the videos that allowed them to win access to these services.

The Video Award Winners

Episcopal Community Services Youth Program


Episcopal Community Services space

ECS Youth Center is an employment preparation program for youth. Geared toward providing access to employment opportunities for kids ages 14-23, the ECS Youth Center equips them with resources and support, utilizing project-based learning, cognitive behavioral therapy, vocational mentoring (delivered online) and paid work experience.

“We have engaged Here’s My Chance to work directly with the participants in our youth program, Seeing Youth Succeed, to build their own website to be used as a recruitment tool. This not only fulfills a marketing need for the program, but also the project-based learning component of the program itself.” said Robert Formica, marketing and communications manager at ECS.

From our Partners

Going a step beyond simply creating a website, Here’s My Chance will be creating a “mini agency” with the students by identifying a project manager, creative director and lead programmer to help form a realistic professional work environment.

“Not only did it [our PhillyDoGooder video]  work amazingly well, but it was also something we just don’t have the ability to do in-house,” said Robert Farmica, marketing and communications manager at ECS.

Canine Partners for Life


Canine Partners for Life, whose mission is to train service dogs, home companion dogs, and residential companion dogs to assist individuals, has been in business for over 20 years. Founded by Darlene Sullivan, a former special education instructor and animal trainer, CPL raises, trains, places, and provides lifetime support to companion dogs that aid individuals with a wide range of physical and cognitive disabilities.

“Our marketing partner, David Gloss, from DoGooder, is helping us to view our organization in larger terms, broader strokes. He is helping us to think about our mission and our objectives with an eye towards developing a vision for the future, where we want to go and who we want to be — taken far beyond our mission statement to the next level.” said Andrée Jannette, associate director of marketing and public relations at Canine Partners for Life.

Here’s My Chance will be working with CPL in order to create a messaging strategy for their capital campaign, as well as assisting in fundraising and awareness around their new facility and training programs.

Ycenter Learning LLC


Ycenter provides international immersive learning programs for secondary education students to create an impact in the world. Their programming focuses on practical skills and knowledge, supplementing formal studies with experience outside of the classroom, and integrating social values into their offerings.

The Ycenter is currently in the midst of an Indiegogo campaign to support its programming as well as allow Pujara to obtain a work visa to continue the operations of the Ycenter.

“We have realized in last few months is storytelling is not only needed to connect with outside world and your potential customers but also internally with new members joining the team, “ said Dhairya Pujara, founder of the Ycenter

Other Winners

Here’s My Chance will also be working with winners Diversified Community Services to develop an editorial strategy to raise the thought leadership profile of DCS programs and the new strategic direction of CEO, Otis Bullock, who is aiming to take the organization into the future. The creative agency will also offer pitch training and crowdfunding strategic support to Schools for Sustainability to raise funds and awareness.  This work will help develop the resources needed to break ground on a new school in the Dominican Republic within the next 18 months. Finally, HMC is working with Pre-K for PA on developing a video and print campaign to support awareness among candidates heading into the November elections.

The Community Impact Winners

This year’s Philly DoGooder Awards also honored community leaders who have had a positive impact on the city. These individuals followed up with Generocity about what it means to receive this award and to play a role in social impact in Philadelphia.

Community Impact Award Winner – Jennifer Devor


Jennifer Devor is a neighborhood leader who helped to build the local economy through her work at the Sustainable Business Network, and now at Campus Philly. She is also involved in the ongoing conversation around public schools with Neighbors Investing in Childs Elementary, and Diversified Community Services.

“You have to make Philadelphia the city you want to live in. If we’re not trying our best to make a better Philadelphia each and every day, then what are we working for? Why are we doing what we’re doing if it’s not to have impact?” said Jennifer Devor.

View Devor’s Ignite video:

Community Impact Leader – Red Paw Emergency Relief Team


“I’ve been following Philly DoGooder for a while & was always so impressed by the people, businesses and organizations they recognized. To be apart of that amazing list in Philly because of my work with Red Paw is an honor! Philly Pride!” said Jen Leary of Red Paw Emergency Relief Team

DoGooder Expansion

Philly DoGooder has quickly expanded and gained traction in its two years of existence, so Here’s My Chance will be taking the initiative beyond Philadelphia and across the country. “What was incubated in Philadelphia is now being recognized nationally.” said HMC’s Dave Gloss. “We could have never imagined the extent to which this event would resonate throughout the regions…creating more jobs, more partnerships, and more impact. In the past two years, in two cities, DoGooder has created four new companies, 27 new jobs, and has forged two CNN Heroes.”

“The first video hackathon conducted outside of Philly was a smashing success! Supporting LA’s community and experiencing that support back has confirmed our belief that this model can be replicated in any city, in any country, throughout the world,” Gloss added.

“We could not have done this without the support of Their belief in us as a company and this model of engagement was the spark that lit our imaginations on fire,” he said.


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