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TreePhilly Announces Winners of Community Yard Tree Giveaway Grants

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A photo from TreePhilly’s Northeast Tree Giveaway this past April

TreePhilly’s new Community Yard Tree Giveaway Grants will give community groups the resources they need to restore Philly’s urban forest.

Through the program, funded by the nonprofit Fairmount Park Conservancy and Wells Fargo, TreePhilly is giving out five grants for $500, and 50 trees each for community groups and local businesses to hold yard tree giveaways in their neighborhoods. TreePhilly will also provide event planning and promotion guidance, free mulch, and educational materials.

The grants will provide:

  • $500 upon successful completion of event (not-for-profit groups only)
  • 50 yard trees and 50 paper bags of mulch (approximately $1500 value)
  • Free tree and mulch delivery to giveaway location
  • Event planning support
  • Training workshop for organizers
  • Educational materials and tree tags
  • Two TreePhilly staff members for event support

Lindsey Walker, TreePhilly program assistant, said the grant program is “a way for us to branch out and build more partners and to reach more neighborhoods in the city.”

The recipients of the grants are:

The recipients of the grants are required to hold their giveaways in October or November. In addition, TreePhilly will hold four of their own tree giveaway events in October. Dates for all events will be announced shortly. Walker said that they are still working out the details with the community partners.

From our Partners

If all goes well (and funding is available) TreePhilly will continue to run the grant program in the future.

“We’re hoping that this round is really successful and that we can build on it again next year,” Walker said.

Learn more about the grant program (including details about the winners) on TreePhilly’s website. Learn more about Tree Philly’s other yard tree giveaway programs here.


East Kensington Neighbors Association

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