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Staff Commentary: Public Speaking for Social Impact

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The summer months have come to a close and the start of a new school year has brought together the next generation of social impact leaders, all trying to determine where they fit in the Social Impact Ecosystem.

Over Labor Day Weekend, I had the pleasure to talk about the diversity of social impact and how its success depends on everyone’s involvement and collaboration. While my fellow Philadelphians were out enjoying festivals, beer gardens, and the shore, I met with Strategic Design MBA candidates at Philadelphia University to report on’s mission and vision, as we are one of their nonprofit partners for the 2014 fall/winter semester.

I also spoke with the incoming freshman at Princeton University who are participating in the community and civic engagement work through the Pace Center for Civic Engagement.

Whether the students were working on expanding their impressive social impact resumes, making career changes, or carving a new path in the social impact movement, what impressed me the most was the common denominator: everyone in the room was seeking information. Information isn’t just facts, it’s idea sharing — data that increases awareness and power.

Students on both days were seeking the reasons behind what we do. is reshaping the standard of community service and pushing the boundaries of solutions journalism. The stories on our site are an invitation to our readers to collaborate in social impact in Philadelphia, by connecting with your neighbor, supporting organizations and sharing your stories of social impact.

Listening to the feedback and questions from students solidifed for me that has a major role to play in how those in social impact leave their mark. Public speaking is an opportunity to connect with an audience who are the walking representations of the news we report on and the information we seek.

From our Partners

Without the people who care or the people who show up to listen, there would be no reason to talk about social impact. For that opportunity, I am grateful. And to all the information seekers, keep showing up, keep seeking information and tell how you are contributing to the legacy.

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Pace Center for Civic Engagement

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