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Philadelphia Coalition Bound for NYC Climate March

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On Sunday, September 21, thousands are set to march through midtown Manhattan to bring attention to climate change. The People’s Climate March has drawn thousands of people through a robust network of over 1,000 partner organizations from across the country and the march is being billed as the largest climate protest ever.

Just a couple of hours from the Big Apple, Philadelphia has rallied its own delegation of organizations and activists who have committed to taking the trip which will bring them to Central Park and the heart of Times Square.

Over 60 organizations, including labor, faith, issue-based and community groups, are a part of the Philadelphia delegation. Charter buses will be shuttling people from the Philadelphia region to the march (though most of the tickets have sold out).

These organizations have expressed solidarity with the international movement, while keeping in mind their own stake in the climate crisis.

“According to the EPA, not only is Pennsylvania the third largest producer of carbon emissions in the U.S., but Philadelphians suffer some of the highest asthma rates in the country as a result of air pollution associated with the burning of fossil fuels,” said Anne Lovatt, chair of the Sierra Club’s Southeastern Pennsylvania Group, in a press release.

“Key areas in the region such as the airport and the nearby Eastwick community will also be on the front line of severe impacts from rising sea levels. Local Sierra Club volunteers are aware of these concerns and feel a strong obligation to come out in force for the People’s Climate March to demand the urgent action that is needed,” she added.

The march is happening just two days prior to a U.N. summit on climate change in New York City. The goal of the march, according to its official website, is to take advantage of this high-profile event and drive action towards mitigating climate change.

Philadelphia organizations and activists are holding their own event today at 12:00 pm at the North Plaza of City Hall to talk about the local commitment to stopping climate change.

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Full list of Philly organizations here.


People’s Climate March

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