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Funding Post to Spotlight Women at Investor Roundtable

February 10, 2015 Category: Purpose

Funding Post, a network to connect entrepreneurs and investors, is hosting a small, women-focused investor roundtable on Thursday, February 19th, 2015 at 5:30pm at Benjamin’s Desk (1701 Walnut Street).

Most startup events tend to have a low number of women in attendance. While the roundtable is open to both men and women, the goal of the event is to bring more women-led startups and entrepreneurs into the spotlight.

The panel will discuss trends investors are seeing and what they are looking for in a Philadelphia-area company as well as what an entrepreneur can do to get their attention. They’ll share advice for both men and women entrepreneurs and the best ways to reach investors.

The panel will discuss their thoughts on 2014 as well as how to make make 2015 even better for women’s participation overall as well as how to further demystify the startup process, investing and technology.

Speakers include:

  • Karen Griffith Gryga, DreamIT
  • Karina Sotnik, UpStart University of Pennsylvania
  • Archna Sahay, City of PHL Commerce
  • Natalia Oberti Noguera, Founder & CEO Pipeline Fellowship
  • Rebecca Meyer, Senior VP & Managing Director, Client Strategy Pitcairn
  • Cat McManus, Penn GSE and EdTEch incubator
  • Yuval Yarden, Philadelphia Startup Leaders and Start.Stay.Grow

Registration is $40 for entrepreneurs.

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