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Twitter Chat Around PHENND’s Justice For All Conference

February 20, 2015 Category: Purpose

Join in for a conversation on Twitter hosted by and PHENND about the PHENND Conference, #justiceforall, as well as how education and academics can intersect with community involvement. Follow @generocity on Twitter for the questions and use #PHENND2015 to follow along with the chat!

Original article:

PHENND (Philadelphia Higher Education Network for Neighborhood Development) is holding its 2015 conference on February 27, with the theme, “Justice for All,” at Rutgers University-Camden. PHENND is a consortium of over 30 colleges and universities in the Greater Philadelphia area with the goal of revitalizing local communities and schools and fostering civic responsibility among the region’s colleges and universities. The conference invites campus faculty, students, nonprofit leaders and others to participate in a discussion around the theme of “Justice for All.”

According to Director Hillary Kane, PHENND holds the conference to bring people together so they can learn from one another and share best practices. Part of the reason for picking “Justice for All,” for this year’s theme, she said, was because there has been such a focus on social, criminal and legal justice lately.

“I think more people were talking about these kind of issues in this last year,” Kane said.

The conference will feature a panel on #BlackLivesMatter: Racial Disparities in Health, Education, and Criminal Justice, as well as a dozen different workshops on innovative campus-community partnerships, the awarding of the 1st Annual Lindy Award for Excellence in K-16 Partnerships, and more. The keynote speaker at the conference will be Marsha Levick of the Juvenile Law Center.

“We’re really excited to have Marsha Levick be our speaker,” said Kane. “She was very instrumental in the ‘kids for cash’ case.”

From our Partners

Levick is an advocate for children’s and women’s rights as well as a nationally recognized expert in juvenile law. She spearheaded Juvenile Law Center’s litigation around the “kids for cash” scandal, the 2008 scandal over judicial kickbacks at the Luzerne County Court of Common Pleas in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

Learn more about the conference (as well as a full list of workshops) on PHENND’s website.

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Justice for All

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