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Explore History and Community Building with the History Truck

June 17, 2015 Category: Purpose

Throughout the month of June, the Philadelphia Public History Truck’s newest exhibit, “They Say They Gonna Build” explores the history of university expansion and community building in the spaces and places of North Philly closest to Temple University, where the boundaries between campus and community have never been clear.

The exhibit, which is located at 2152 N. Broad Street, is informed by oral histories from over fifteen community constituents and the experiences History Truck has shared since the summer of 2014 with Tree House Books, Philadelphia Urban Creators, the Free Breakfast Program, and the Wagner Free Institute of Science.

The exhibit features the work of:

  • The Free Breakfast Program
  • Theodore A. Harris
  • Kaycee Itohan Osadolor
  • John Pettit
  • Erin Bernard
  • History Makers summer campers of Tree House Books 2014

Gallery hours are Saturdays 12-5 p.m. or by appointment, and a closing reception will be held on Saturday, June 27  from 4:00-6:00 p.m. Also on June 27, Bernard will host a one-hour walking tour of Temple University’s 1970 development plan boundary and hear about the history of university expansion and community building in North Philadelphia. Participants can learn about urban gardening, construction, grassroots activism, and more.

In addition, the Philadelphia History Truck is running an Indiegogo campaign to help make the project permanent. Bernard’s goal is to raise $20,000: The first $12,000 will help the History Truck purchase a vintage stepvan box truck, and the last $8,000 will support an artist, curated in partnership with Temple Contemporary, to re-imagine and implement the inside and the outside of the truck.

Image via Philadelphia Public History Truck



Philadelphia Public History Truck

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