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Meet Kevin Moran, the new Fairmount CDC Executive Director

July 7, 2015 Category: People


The Fairmount Community Development Corporation just hired a new Executive Director, Kevin Moran. Having previously served as the Fairmount CDC’s Communications Director a few years ago, Moran has experience with the organization already. In addition, Moran spent the last few years working at a national level of urban district management at the International Downtown Association.

“As a resident of Fairmount I have seen first-hand the level of civic and business engagement,” Moran said. “Fairmount has found a successful balance between retaining established businesses, as well as offering a strong community and network for entrepreneurial ventures. Our goal with administering the Greater Art Museum Business Alliance is to leverage the collective voice of businesses to provide enhanced marketing, professional development and technical assistance to this community, in turn strengthening Fairmount’s position as one of Philadelphia’s most vibrant neighborhoods.”

In their latest newsletter, Moran outlined his key priorities for 2015-2016 fiscal year:

  • Growing signature neighborhood events including the Fairmount Food Fight and Fairmount Arts + Culture Day.
  • Providing local leadership on the planned streetscape enhancements for West Girard Avenue between 31st Street and College Avenue.
  • Working with local businesses to grow the Greater Art Museum Business Alliance (GAMBA), in turn supporting a vibrant local economy.
  • Gathering research and data to better track and report Fairmount’s success as well as plan for the future.

We look forward to seeing how Moran steers the Fairmount CDC as we continue to cover the development of this neighborhood.

Image via Fairmount CDC

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