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Gethrr: an online community of givers focused on impact

August 18, 2015 Category: FundingMethod

“Anyone can make a tangible difference in other people’s lives.”

This is the leading premise of the nonprofit community funding program Gethrr. Right now, 210 givers from across the country support this Philly-based “crowdfunding” organization.

Similar to Sink or Swim, the medical aid program that closed its doors this past March, Gethrr is a membership program that pools money from a large group of people and each month grants those dollars to help someone in need.

Gethrr grew out of the hardship of its founders, Michael McManus and his wife Melissa. Eight years ago, the McManus family came upon hard times. With two young daughters, Ava and Bella, the family found themselves at the wrong end of a failed business venture with no money and without the ability to feed their kids.

In danger of being evicted from their apartment and having their car impounded, they were taken in by Melissa’s family. Leaning on the generosity of their loved ones, the Michael and Melissa had the capacity to get back on their feet and start a new company of their own called M2Photography.

That experience led them to look into how they could give back as a family.

“We had frustrations with the nonprofit world, and we don’t have a lot of money to give. [With Gethrr] what we do give has an impact,” McManus said .

Each month, after a project has been funded, Gethrr updates the givers on every project on itsblog, connecting members with their donation to show the impact the organization has had. Every project that is funded must meet three main criteria: the need can be verified, the donation given toward the project must have a tangible impact, and support from their five-member board that the project that aligns with Gethrr’s mission.




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Membership is available at a variety of different supporting levels, from simply submitting project ideas to supporting the organization’s strategic plans to volunteering with Gethrr.

Though the program is meant to allow anyone, anywhere to be a philanthropist, McManus shared that they are already looking toward the future. Once a critical mass of 1000 people are recruited in Philadelphia, they are looking to create Gethrr chapters across the country.

Inspired by the word “together,” the organization hopes to create a community of givers, starting with the McManus daughters.

“[Ava and Bella] give every month; we want to encourage giving at a young age.” said McManus.

Images via Gethrr

2015-08-19 Article was updated to reflect that the McManus family was in danger of being evicted and having their car impounded, not actually evicted and car impunded

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