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With $1.5M in federal grants, Azavea sets its sights on climate change awareness

This map details a warm future world. December 22, 2015 Category: Purpose

Callowhill-based GIS mapping firm Azavea just scored big grant dollars from the federal government to develop a climate change tool.

It’s the second grant from the Department of Energy, which previously granted $225,000 to the firm to create the tool, which will be able to map out and compare impacts like energy usage and public health statistics against other communities. This grant will help them expand on the product.

According to our sister site Philly, the product will be an effort to “make the problem of climate change relatable and actionable.”

An “expanded advisory team” has been assembled including reps from other contemporary climate change initiatives and organizations in the city such as the Mayor’s Office of Sustainability and GoodCompany VenturesClimate Ventures 2.0 accelerator.

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Mayor’s Office of Sustainability

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