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Feb. 5, 2016 11:36 am

Check out this new meetup group for ‘nonprofit nerds’

Organizer Kristen Gallagher hopes the group will have an 'open source mentality' for the nonprofit sector.

The meetup's Meetup page.


Updated Feb. 8: The first meetup will be held on Thursday, Feb. 25, not Wednesday, Feb. 24.
Say your nonprofit is looking to redesign its website but doesn’t know how to hire a developer. Or, say you’re looking to switch up your content management system but don’t know if Drupal or WordPress is better.

ActionAIDS Senior Development Associate Kristen Gallagher aims to turn that confusion into conversation with her new, bimonthly meetup group, Philadelphia Nonprofit Development Meetup.

“There are a lot of great resources that each individual nonprofit uses,” she writes on its page. “Why not meet up, share resources and make Philadelphia an even stronger hub of successful change makers?”

Events for the group will focus on using technology as a development tool, including e-blasts, social media and CMSs. The first meetup, scheduled for Thursday, Feb. 25, will discuss nonprofit email marketing.

“More and more, I’m inspired by the ‘women in tech’ movement, and how we support each other in any way that we can,” Gallagher said, referencing Girl Develop It and the ELA Conference. “I want to form an informal community where resources can be shared to make much greater impact.”

Technological best practices isn’t a topic discussed much amongst nonprofit groups, but is valuable to everyone, Gallagher said. She hopes the group will inspire conversation between those at all levels of the nonprofit ladder.

“Everyone is welcome,” she emphasized. “I want this to embody the open source mentality, where we have [the information] and we’re sharing it.”


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