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Pennsylvania ranks No. 40 on this ‘best states for women’ study

Pennsylvania can do better. February 29, 2016 Category: ResultsShort
If this study on the best states for women is any indication of the progress Pennsylvania has made on its women’s rights front, women and men across the Commonwealth should be incensed.

Pennsylvania ranks 40th out of 50 states and the District of Columbia, and that’s embarrassing.

Published by personal finance company WalletHub, the study examined 15 metrics pertaining to the “needs and expectations of women in America.” Those metrics included data like median earnings for female workers, employment and poverty rates, number of women-owned businesses and homicide rates.

The study then considers how states rank in economic and social well-being for women (Pennsylvania is 34) and how they fare in health care and safety (Pennsylvania is 41).

We can do better.

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