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Schools for Sustainability found a partner in the Dominican Republic

Alyssa Ramos-Reynoso. March 25, 2016 Category: FundingShort
Schools for Sustainability (S4S), the young, Philly-based organization working to build a sustainability-centric school in the Dominican Republic, has found a partner to help them build an aquaponics unit in the community they’re working in.

The news comes two years after S4S’s initial trip to the DR.

“We are collaborating with another organization called 33 Buckets to build a water purification system in our community as the water is contaminated,” wrote cofounder Alyssa Ramos-ReynosoThat community is the Monte Plaza town of Sabana grande de Boya, where S4S has been trying to build its first school.

“Many filtration systems are abandoned when the first breakdown occurs because there is a lack of capital and expertise to fix the system,” writes 33 Buckets’ Swaroon Sridhar on the project’s crowdfunding campaign (that’s Generosity, not Generocity). “In fact, this exact situation happened twice before in Sabana Grande de Boya — a previously-installed water distribution system was damaged by a hurricane, and the community did not have the resources to repair it.”

Here’s another local tie-in — S4S and 33 Buckets were matched by Watson Institute Philadelphia founder Rashaun Williams.

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On the surface, it looks like the partnership is a good match: 33 Buckets engineers water purification systems, while S4S has taken an educational approach to quelling water woes.

Together, the two are hoping to raise $10,000 for their integrated approach to alleviating the pressures of Sabana grande de Boya’s water crisis.

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