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Use this map to find out which local impact organizations are using open data

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Ever wonder how businesses and nonprofits are employing open data in every day operations? Us, too.

Here’s a cool thing, though: We just found an interactive visualization that maps out which organizations are using open data and what they’re using it for across the world.

Here’s a tricky thing: Organizations have to submit themselves, and be approved, to earn a spot on the map.

Check it out

It’s called the Open Data Impact Map, a project out of D.C.-based nonprofit Center for Open Data Enterprise. The project aims to show off how open data can be used in enterprise, identify best practices in open data use and set a foundation for analyzing how open data can impact economics.

Right now, only 11 organizations are listed in Greater Philadelphia (compared to 109 in New York City). Those organizations include the usual suspects like Azavea and Reinvestment Fund‘s PolicyMap (which both represented Philadelphia at a White House open data event earlier this spring).

We imagine startups like FixList and organizations like Community Legal Services belong on the map.

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