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The Philadelphia and Knight foundations are funding a youth news team during the DNC

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A new partnership between the School District, media partners and some big-name funders will aim to elevate student voices during the Democratic National Convention next month.

Middle and high schoolers will have the opportunity to join a youth news team covering the DNC and develop their own written, audio and visual stories while learning journalism skills from media professionals.

A few high-profile partners are on board:

  • School District of Philadelphia will host the project’s base at its education channel HQ, PSTV.
  • WHYY and KYW Newsradio will provide mentorship during the project’s duration.
  • Rendell Center for Civics and Engagemenrt will lend resources to the project.
  • Knight Foundation and The Philadelphia Foundation will fund the project and assist with its design.

The project will run from July 18 to 29 is organized by the Philadelphia 2016 Host Committee.

“The partners on the Youth News Team came together as our team explored ways to engage local students in serious and substantive ways during the Convention,” said Anna Adams-Sarthou, communications director for the host committee. Discussions about organizing such a program began late last year.

Youth applications for both high school students and middle school students are due today.

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