This pop-up art exhibition in Callowhill examines a plethora of social issues and looks really, really cool - Generocity Philly


Jul. 25, 2016 2:54 pm

This pop-up art exhibition in Callowhill examines a plethora of social issues and looks really, really cool

Banksy's in town for the DNC.

gilf!'s "And Counting" represents the Americans killed by police in 2016.

(Photo by Conrad Benner via

The DNC is here, and the artists are ready.

In acknowledgement of the many social issues that will be discussed this week in Philadelphia, Rock the Vote, #cut50 and The Rail Park are hosting a free pop-up art exhibition in Callowhill called “Truth to Power” featuring 200+ pieces that address gun violence, poverty, reproductive rights, immigration and more.

TTP exhibit 5

“Stop Telling Women to Smile.” (Photo by Conrad Benner via

The exhibit includes the work of both local and world-renowned artists such as the ever-elusive Banksy and UArts-educated Tatyana Fazlalizadeh, whose “Stop Telling Women to Smile” series puts street harassment on blast.

Truth to Power is also hosting performances and panels featuring some heavy hitters of the social impact world — think Sen. Cory Bookerthe one who might have almost maybe been the Democratic VP nominee — who’s addressing mass incarceration on a Tuesday afternoon panel, for instance.

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The exhibition runs through Wednesday, July 27. Head on over to photographer Conrad Benner’s Streets Dept to see more gorgeous photos of the installation.


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