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Generocity is getting geeky with and Geekadelphia this October

The 2015 Philly Geek Awards. August 17, 2016 Category: EventFeaturedPurposeShort
All you civic geeks and impact data nerds, this is your time.

If you haven’t heard: Generocity is teaming up with Geekadelphia and our sister site,, for this year’s Philly Geek Awards. The awards celebration of our city’s geeks, now in its sixth year, has the same DNA as Generocity’s origins — celebrating Philadelphia’s passionate but underrepresented community and elevating the work of people who, above all, care.

Building upon the years of success and sold-out events, this natural partnership bring together local media who know the achievements that matter in Philly social impact, arts, culture, tech, entrepreneurship, and sciences. You can read more about the partnership over on Geekadelphia.

This year’s awards are taking place Sunday, Oct. 16, at the Free Library of Philadelphia. The Generocity team is incredibly excited to join one of the city’s most celebrated nights of the year, bringing together three communities that already overlap and complement each other greatly. Pop culture nerds, civic hackers and impassioned community do-gooders alike will come together, carrying on the already strong themes of social good and technology for a better, more inclusive Philly Geek Awards.

To better reflect our diverse community of geeks and do-gooders, we’ve updated our categories to the following:

  • Comic Creator of the Year
  • Maker of the Year
  • Feature Length Indie Film of the Year
  • Multimedia Project of the Year
  • Scientist of the Year
  • Mission Leader of the Year
  • Impact Organization of the Year
  • Partnership of the Year
  • Movement of the Year
  • Startup of the Year
  • Technologist of the Year
  • Game of the Year
  • Dev Product of the Year
  • Geek of the Year — This is the big one, celebrating one overall geek that represents a leader that all three organizations — Geekadelphia, Generocity and — hail as top geek.

Check out more info about the categories and nominate your picks from now until Sept. 7.

From our Partners

Interested in supporting the Philly Geek Awards? Have a look at our sponsorship form and reach out to us.

We’ll be announcing ticket sales and more details as we get closer to the big day — for now, mark your calendars and get ready to party.


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