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Rad Dish Co-op sent a bunch of radishes on a really cute social media journey this summer

Rad Dish members — including some radishes — at the CoFED summer institute in California this August. September 7, 2016 Category: FeatureFeaturedMethodShort
Social media is an easy way for social impact orgs to keep their stakeholders engaged on a daily basis. It doesn’t need to be fancy, but it does need to be relevant and interesting.

Look no further for inspiration than Rad Dish Co-op, Temple University’s student-run food cooperative, which kept its Twitter, Instagram and Facebook feeds alive when school was out with #raddishroadtrip.

The campaign featured photos of bunches of the root vegetable at co-op members’ vacation spots, including Las Vegas, New York City and the Hoover Dam.

“Because we are closed during the summer there isn’t much news to share other than events that others are putting on and causes we want to support,” wrote Temple sophomore and Rad Dish Marketing Committee Head Veronica Rohach in an email.

“A lot of our board members live throughout the US and one lives outside the US. I wanted to find a fun way to keep our members involved over the summer so I asked everyone to take a picture with a radish in their hometown or on vacation with them.”

The campaign was “meant to share our personal adventures with everyone in a creative way,” Rohach said. “It was definitely funny carrying around a radish everywhere this summer.”

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The cooperative plans to continue #raddishroadtrip next summer, if not throughout the school year. In the meantime, Rad Dish Co-op Café is opening for the fall this Thursday, Sept. 8, in the Ritter Annex.


Rad Dish Co-op

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