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Nov. 3, 2016 3:20 pm

The Barnes Foundation is piloting some wearable tech this month

Enhance your visit with complementary digital content. Barnes will experiment with Apple Watches this month, thanks to funding from the Barra Foundation.

Inside the Barnes.

(Photo by Flickr user Susan Sermoneta, used under a Creative Commons license)

When the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s chief digital officer, Sree Sreenivasan, came to town last spring for Philly Tech Week, he offered arts and culture organizations some tips on how to adapt to modern audiences.

Two of those tips included publishing content and launching a whole bunch of pilot projects.

Barnes Foundation took note. This month, the art institute will be piloting some wearable technology to complement vistors’ experience. With funding from the Barra Foundation, Barnes will be experimenting with content on Apple Watches.

Think of it as a building block.

“In creating this prototype, we’re going to test ideas in the most minimum of minimum viable products and we’ll iterate from there,” writes Deputy Director of Digital Initiatives and Chief Experience Officer Shelley Bernstein on Medium. “And the wearable is just the beginning of a path that will wind its way though experimental content delivery in the most mobile form and how it will interface with longer form content in the galleries and post-visit.”

This way, Bernstein writes, Barnes can pilot wearable tech projects “in the open” — and online. Check out the Medium post below and follow along as the art institute toys with innovative wearable projects.

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