Nov. 17, 2016 10:32 am

Center for High Impact Philanthropy just dropped its annual giving guide

The guide is meant to help individual donors make the most of their charitable dollars during the holiday season.

The guide suggests 11 opportunities to make the most of your donation.

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Looking to get the most bang for their charitable buck this holiday season? Center for High Impact Philanthropy is here for you with its annual giving guide.

The guide is meant for individual donors — those with high net worth as well as regular folks, according to analyst Rebecca Hobble — and includes a list of subject areas and corresponding nonprofits working in them that CHIP’s research has found to make the most social impact per philanthropic dollar.

“CHIP mainly chooses organizations that we’ve highlighted in the past year or so — in a way, it’s the ‘best of 2016’ — all of which have been thoroughly vetted by our expert team,” Hobble wrote in an email. “We try to include a wide variety of organizations to represent a wide range of topics, including those that related to recent events” such as disaster relief and addiction.

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As CHIP Executive Director Katherina Rosqueta told us in 2014, “Our purpose is to help donors cut through the noise, so that they and the nonprofits they support can get to the impact they seek faster and more confidently.” Here’s to more efficient philanthropy year-round.


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