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You can support these 7 nonprofits by buying a Philly Love Notes map today

A Philly Love Notes map. November 29, 2016 Category: FeaturedFundingPurpose
You know those super cool artisinal wooden maps of Philadelphia? The ones Philly Love Notes owner Emma Fried-Cassorla crafts by hand and sells on Etsy?

If you’ve always wanted to own one, now is the time. Until tonight, all sales are being donated to these seven organizations:

Holy #GivingTuesday.

Fried-Cassorla (who makes the maps in the spare time, mind you) said she typically sells a lot of maps this time of year. The campaign, which technically started last Wednesday, is Fried-Cassorla’s way of stepping up to support diverse organizations in a city largely shaken by post-election anxieties.

The funds will be divided “completely evenly” across the seven organizations, she said. As of Monday night, the campaign has raised over $4,000.

Check it out


Giving Tuesday

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