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This infographic details the current State of North Broad

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This truly is the most wonderful time of year.

For the next month or so, nonprofit funders, collaborators and reporters everywhere will spend every morning frantically checking inboxes and Twitter feeds, scrolling up and scrolling down and scrolling side to side in hopes of finding that special something from a certain you-know-who.

Ahh, there’s nothing quite like it — the rush of blood to the head as you watch the graphics and digits and colors load ever-so slowly down the screen.

Yes. It’s impact report season.

To kick things off, here’s an infographic from North Broad Renaissance‘s 2016 report, State of North Broad. Headed up by Executive Director Shalimar Thomas and funded by the City of Philadelphia, the nonprofit has a five-year plan to revitalize North Broad Street’s commercial corridor from City Hall up to Germantown.


This report includes some work done by community stakeholders and institutions, but does not list any quantifiable goals for North Broad Renaissance itself.

That’s because those goals, such as creating a “health zone” around Temple University and increasing green space along the corridor, can be found in North Broad Renaissance‘s five-year plan, The 2020 Vision, also published this year.

If you’re looking for numbers, check out 2020 Vision. If you’re looking for a nice layout with some great images and information on projects happening along Broad Street, go for the State of North Broad.

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