Dec. 23, 2016 12:32 pm

Here are Generocity’s 10 most-read stories of 2016

Open data, #SEPTAstrike and ho boy, do people love Judy Wicks.
2016. What a year, eh?

The Generocity stories listed here aren’t necessarily the stories we felt were the most “important” or had the most “impact” — that list is on the way. They’re simply the best-shared and the most-clicked, as recorded by Google Analytics. (Minus our homepage and the like, plus this story about 10 social impact orgs that were hiring. Boring!)

First, though, taking a nod from sister site Philly, here are a few of the most-read that didn’t quite make the top-10 cut:

And now, in order of page views:

10. These Kensington developers are taking a cue from revitalization efforts in Germantown


(Photo by Tony Abraham)

We’re excited to follow the Shift Capital guys as they continue their social impact development work.

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9. Why this state senate candidate axed his campaign to head up a local nonprofit

Omar Woodard.

(Courtesy photo)

We first met Woodard shortly after he put his political career on hiatus to lead GreenLight Fund Philadelphia, and he hasn’t slowed down since.

8. How to be a boss: Meet Back on My Feet’s Cathryn Sanderson

Cathryn Sanderson.

(Courtesy photo

From intern to executive director in six years.

7. Rally with the Gayborhood at this giant fundraiser for the Orlando victims in July

The Gayborhood's rainbow crosswalks at 13th and Locust.

(Photo by Julie Zeglen)

We’re proud of the Gayborhood for supporting the victims of the Pulse nightclub shooting, but we sure wish we hadn’t needed to write this piece at all.

6. Meet the 16-year-old activist organizing a big equality march in Philly


(Photo by Tony Abraham)

A.k.a. Anna Holemans, the Friends Select School junior who’s heading up Alice’s March for Equality the day before the presidential inauguration.

5. David Gould wants to ‘level the playing field’ in Philadelphia before it’s too late


(Courtesy photo)

The former William Penn Foundation program officer recently made the jump to public service to become deputy director of community engagement and communications for the city’s Rebuild initiative.

4. How the #SEPTAstrike is impacting people in need


(Photo by Richard Koilor)

During the six-day SEPTA workers strike — shortened on the internet to #SEPTAstrike — students couldn’t get to school, home care staff couldn’t get to their patients and at least one person couldn’t get to the courthouse to get a Protection From Abuse order.

3. Philly Police just released some important safety data


(Image via OpenDataPhilly)

Via OpenDataPhilly, the data show crime incidents, shooting victims, and vehicle and pedestrian stops.

2. How Philly’s ‘Founding Mother of Sustainability’ is funding local social entrepreneurs


(Photo by Tony Abraham)

Ho boy, do people love Judy Wicks.

1. 7 things you should know about homelessness in Philly


(Photo by Flickr user Sharada Prasad CS, used under a Creative Commons license)

Our very solid reference list about the scale of the problem in Philadelphia.


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