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900WURD and Philly mag are producing a podcast on social justice

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. January 12, 2017 Category: PurposeShort
Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. penned his Letter from Birmingham Jail nearly 54 years ago.

Yet, many of the concerns and frustrations King voiced in his letter, particularly those revolving around the failure of White moderates, have persisted decades beyond what historians might consider the Civil Rights era.

That’s the inspiration for a jointly produced podcast on social justice from 900AM-WURD and Philadelphia magazine, to be hosted by WURD contributor Christopher “Flood the Drummer” Norris and Philly mag associate editor Malcolm Burnley.

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The podcast is a breath of fresh air for Philly mag in particular — the magazine has come under scrutiny for issues pertaining to race in recent years.

Catch the podcast this coming Monday on either company’s website or on WURD Radio.

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