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Look for at least 3 reports from Wharton Social Impact Initiative this year

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Editor's note: The nature of the position for which WSII is hiring has been clarified. Edit 1/24 @ 11:35 a.m.
Wharton Social Impact Initiative is gearing up for a year full of reports on impact investing, the venture capital strategy for funding mission-driven businesses.

Three reports, actually. Possibly even four.

  • One takes a look at the legal aspect of impact investing practices and digs into term sheets and documents between funds and the people who invest in funds.
  • Another looks at impact investing through a gender lens.
  • The third, which will be released this summer, will be an update on Great Expectations,” the school’s 2015 report on exits.

Upon its initial release, “Great Expectations” analyzed 52 fund exits. Senior Director of Impact Investing Nick Ashburn, who took over for impact investor Jacob Gray late last year, said WSII has reached 100 funds and staffers are currently “sifting through that data.”

Ashburn said the gender report, which looks at gender equality in the public market, will be released this semester. Look for the first report in March.

Meanwhile, WSII is looking to hire someone to lead its work in Philadelphia soon, according to WSII marketing and communications head Allie Ilagan, though that position has not yet been posted.

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