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How this Philly startup is stepping up in the face of the immigration ban

President Donald Trump's Muslim ban has inspired action. February 1, 2017 Category: FeaturedMethodShort
Chaos broke out when President Donald Trump signed an executive order banning immigration to the U.S. from select countries and people in the Middle East last Friday evening.

Amidst an outpouring of protesters at airports across the country — including Philadelphia, where two Syrian families were detained —  the founders of local immigration advice startup Borderwise began formulating a plan in response.

The result, reports sister site Technical.ly Philly, is a steep discount on their green card application services. Borderwise is now offering to help low-income immigrant families through the process of applying for a green card for $1.

All proceeds are donated to nonprofits working in immigration.

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According to Technical.ly:

“Immigrants from households making under $30,000 a year who have a U.S. citizen spouse, parent or child and are eligible to apply for permanent residency, can reach out to the company by emailing team@borderwise.co to have access to a pro bono attorney, legal consultations and the online platform to fill out the application.”

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