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What Taller Puertorriqueño’s new cultural center means for North Philadelphia

Carmen Febo San Miguel. February 27, 2017 Category: PeopleShort

Around the Corner” is a PhillyCAM show that offers local social impact leaders the opportunity to share what impact their work is having on the Philadelphia area.

Taller Puertorriqueño is a nonprofit Latino arts and cultural center in North Philadelphia that primarily serves the Puerto Rican community — which makes up about eight percent of Philadelphia’s population and includes the many Puerto Ricans who have fled economic hardship on the island.

What started as a single arts program within charter school organization ASPIRA has grown to a gallery, a monthly author series, several annual events and plenty of educational programming.

In December, Taller opened a new center at 5th and Huntingdon, nearly doubling its space and the amount of people it can serve.

Executive Director Carmen Febo San Miguel joined Generocity Editor Julie Zeglen on “Around the Corner” to explain how the center fills a “cultural void” for the Latino population in Philadelphia — but also, why it’s a resource for the entire city.


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