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Apr. 27, 2017 4:29 pm

The League of Creative Interventionists is coming to a public space near you

The group stages pop-up art "interventions" with the goal of connecting neighbors in new ways. Fellow Dave Ramsey discusses its Mother's Day event on "Around the Corner."

Dave Ramsey.

(Screenshot via Vimeo)

Around the Corner” is a PhillyCAM show that offers local social impact leaders the opportunity to share what impact their work is having on the Philadelphia area.

Meet Philly’s League of Creative Interventionists, the local chapter of a national group that stages pop-up art “interventions” with the goal of connecting neighbors in new ways.

“The idea is to use art to allow people to intervene with communities,” said League fellow Dave Ramsey, “to allow them to converse more in a circumstance that they don’t normally do.”

Too abstract for you? Here’s an example of an upcoming intervention:

This quarter’s theme is “courage,” and on Sunday, May 14 — Mother’s Day — the League will set up shop in West Philly’s Clark Park and invite passersby to write their own stories of courage, which will then be compiled and printed. There will also be circus artists performing, yes, courageous feats, and poets reading their works on the topic of courage.

The League has existed in Philly for a few years (check out this NewsWorks story on a 2014 intervention) but was recently revitalized thanks to funding from the Knight Foundation. [Full disclosure, Technically Media Operations Coordinator Celeste Sumo is a League fellow.]

The group plans to collaborate with Philly place-based organizations through the Reimagining the Civic Commons Initiative. Learn more below.

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PhillyCAM is Comcast channel 66/966 HD/967 and Verizon FIOS channel 29/30 in Philadelphia. 

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