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#PTW17 is here. Get psyched with these 20 impact-tinged events

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Philly Tech Week presented by Comcast is organized by Generocity's parent company, Technically Media.
Philly Tech Week 2017 presented by Comcast starts today and Technically Media HQ is buzzing.

There’s not much time before the first of our 100+ events launch tonight, so to help you plan your schedule, here’s our short list for impact-tinged PTW events for nonprofit professionals and the like, divided by interest area.

Full schedule

If you’re into:


  • Q&A with Gov. Tom Wolf— “Hear from Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf on issues of innovation, entrepreneurship, technology and economic development, both in policy and practice.” (Wednesday, May 3)
  • Mayoral Tech Town Hall — “Be a fly on the wall as’s editorial team engages in a conversation with Mayor Jim Kenney highlighting the pulse of Philly’s tech work force. Then dive into a cross-market panel conversation weighing in on tech’s impact on economic development.” (Monday, May 1)
  • GovLabPHL: Transforming City Services through Human-centered Design, Behavioral Economics, and Data Driven Decision Making — “Learn more about GovLabPHL, a multi-agency team launched in 2017 and led by the Mayor’s Policy Office. GovLabPHL focuses on developing innovative and evidence-based practice in city government.” (Tuesday, May 2)

Tech for social change

  • SocialTech: The multi-layered social impact of technology — “This event will focus on the often overlooked social impact of technology as an economic equalizer for disadvantaged populations, as a vehicle for social change, and as a tool for disrupting long-standing social inequality.” (Monday, May 1)
  • Framing Philly’s Social Impact Scene: Where Business, Nonprofit, and Philly Meet — “Join experts from some of the area’s top social impact organizations to learn how they are using technology to streamline their organizations, reach under served populations, and engage with new audiences.” (Wednesday, May 3)
  • Robot City: Automation and Low-Wage Workers — “This panel will explore perspectives on the impact of automation and AI on Philadelphia’s low-income communities and on what steps we can take to make our automated future better for all Philadelphians.” (Thursday, May 4)
  • Philly Mapathon — “Are you looking for volunteer opportunities that could impact millions of people? Want to help communities around the world receive aid and relief in the wake of disasters or conflicts? Are you looking for a chance a participate in a global project that puts vunerable people on the map?” (Thursday, May 4)


  • evoHaX — Hack to Change Lives — “evoHaX is the fourth Hackathon in the series of Hackathons focused on developing accessible technologies.” (Friday, April 28 through Sunday, April 30)
  • Accessibility Hacks: Keeping Tech Inclusive for Everyone — “We will have lightning talks from accessibility experts to address everything from design and development to keeping workplaces inclusive for folks with varying levels of physical ability.” (Tuesday, May 2)



Arts and culture

  • Empathy Hack Workshop: At the Intersection of Art and Society — “The Abington Art Center is bringing together a talented group of key thought leaders across art and technology for an immersive exploration of empathy.” (Saturday, April 29)
  • The ITEM Presents: The Collision of Art and Tech — “This entertaining event will feature presentations from film makers, musicians, visual artists and producers, providing timelines of the direct impact developing technology have had, to date, as well as visions for the future.” (Tuesday, May 2)
  • Arts Marketing in the Digital Age: a TechniCulture Event — “Join us for … a presentation and breakout learning sessions by lead digital marketing firm Capacity Interactive to learn new digital practices and to see how your organization stacks up in the digital world.” (Tuesday, May 2)
  • De-Coded: Art and Tech for Social Change — “Live Culture is an open house and live TV production that happens on the first Friday of every month, curated by different arts and culture organizations. Since it’s Philly Tech Week, we’re focusing on local artists who utilize new media and technology to build alternate landscapes at the intersections of art and social change.” (Friday, May 5)
  • Technology Transforming Theatre — “In this talk, Terrence [Nolen] and Jorge [Cousineau] recount their experiences together over the years and discuss the evolution of their integration of video and theatre and share lessons they have learned along the way.” (Monday, May 1)

P.S. Our two #PTW17 Tech in the Commons events are sold out, but consider registering for the final two bootcamps in the series, live video and social communication trends. More info here.

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