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Here are two sweet fellowship opportunities for the aspiring philanthropist or civic leader

Probably a lot of this for the Committee of Seventy's new fellowship. (Photo via Flickr user Philadelphia City Council, used under a Creative Commons license) July 21, 2017 Category: FundingShort
Two fellowship opportunities — one for aspiring philanthropists and one for people wanting to make civic change — are looking for some applicants.

First up, for any women looking to get into philanthropy, Impact100 Philadelphia is starting up the fourth year of its Founders Fellowship program, where young women between the ages of 25 and 35 will get a chance to engage with the collective giving nonprofit’s grantmaking processes, free of having to pay the minimum $1,150 membership fee.

The program has not only given women a more accessible step into the philanthropy door, but it’s also started opening up opportunities for its fellows to become Impact100 Philadelphia members by only having to pay fractional membership fees for their first four years of membership.

The fellowship is specifically geared toward women who want to get more in tune with the nonprofit work taking place in Philly: Impact100 Philly just wrapped up its ninth funding cycle, awarding a total of $360,000 in core-mission grants to five local nonprofits.

Applications are due by July 30.


Interested in more of what happens within our city government? The Committee of Seventy, the nonprofit focused on keeping Philly government accountable, is launching its inaugural Buchholz Fellowship which was created in honor of Carl Buchholz, a board member who passed away last year at the age of 51.

From our Partners

Five Philadelphians between the ages of 25 and 40 who have worked in either the private or nonprofit sectors will be selected by Sept. 15 to serve for a year as members of the Committee of Seventy board.

While they won’t be able to vote, they’ll be involved in pretty much everything else board-related, which includes participating in all the meetings, listening in on discussions and debates and being mentored by other board members, in addition to completing some sort of policy-related project throughout the fellowship.

Applications for this new fellowship are due by August 15. (Side note: accepted fellows will need to pay a $250 contribution but the website assures that no applicants will be refused consideration if you can’t pay.)

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