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Aug. 10, 2017 12:23 pm

Why become an organ or tissue donor? Let the mother of one tell you

When Markita Lewis' 13-year-old son died, his organs were donated to save the lives of three other young men. She and Gift of Life's Todd Franzen visited "Around the Corner" to discuss organ and tissue donation.

Todd Franzen and Markita Lewis.

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Around the Corner” is a PhillyCAM show that offers local social impact leaders the opportunity to share what impact their work is having on the Philadelphia area. 

Saving a life can be as easy as checking a box when renewing your driver’s license.

Some stats on the scope of the issue:

  • In Pennsylvania, there are about 8,000 people waiting for an organ transplant.
  • Only 47 percent of Pennsylvanians are registered organ donors.
  • That number declines to 31 percent for Philadelphians.

“That’s why efforts like this — to educate the public, to show the importance and urgency to sign up — are so important,” said Todd Franzen, Gift of Life’s community relations team leader.

Markita Lewis decided to donate her son’s organs to Gift of Life when he passed away three years ago. Marquis‘ organs were in turn able to save three young men’s lives.

“On the worst day of my life, I decided to say yes,” she said. “And who would have known that three years later, it still makes me smile knowing that my son is a hero and the young men are doing good.”

Become an organ or tissue donor here, and learn more about Gift of Life in Franzen and Lewis’ “Around the Corner” interview below.


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