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Catch Philly’s Amber Hikes on Cameron Esposito’s Queery podcast

Amber Hikes at the city's LGBT State of the Union in May 2018. July 24, 2018 Category: FeaturedPeopleShort
Office of LGBT Affairs Director Amber Hikes is getting some national exposure this week.

She’s featured in the latest episode of queer stand-up comedian and actress Cameron Esposito’s Queery podcast, on which Esposito interviews “some of the brightest luminaries in the LGBTQ+ family.” Past guests have included actress Lea DeLaria, activist Blair Imani and writer Roxane Gay.

The hour-long interview discusses Hikes’ role with the city, the importance of diverse leadership in the LGBTQ community and Philadelphia’s year-old Pride flag with black and brown stripes.

One of Esposito’s first questions is whether Hikes feels a sense of hope while doing her work. Hikes’ answer frames the urgency she felt in response to Donald Trump’s election: She got a call from Mayor Jim Kenney on inauguration day, asking her return from California, where she’d taken a job the year before after working in Philadelphia for over a decade.

“He says, ‘Are you watching this crap?’ And I said,’ You know, sir, I am,'” Hikes recalls. “We had a fairly quick interview, and he ended it with, ‘You gotta get your butt back here, and we need to do this work.’ And I had no intention of really ever being involved in politics; I’m more of an activist, front-lines person, and I hadn’t seen somebody who looks like me doing this kind of work, so I didn’t see myself doing that work. But there were no more sidelines after that election.”

In sum: The work is “more hopeful than I expected it to be.”

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