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‘Part of what I did was help establish the website as an actual news source’: A Q&A with Alex Vuocolo

Now a New York City-based editor, Alexander Vuocolo wrote for Generocity from 2013 until 2015. On the event of Generocity's 10th anniversary, we asked him to tell us a little about those days.

It's our birthday month! Expect more "Gen X" content all the way through Halloween.

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All this month we have been bringing you special content celebrating Generocity’s 10th anniversary: Q&As with Technically Media CEO Chris Wink and Generocity’s former editor, Julie Zeglen, and now with Alexander Vuocolo, who wrote for Generocity before becoming the associate editor of the Delaware Business Times.

And we’re not done yet. Keep checking in through the end of the month for more!

Generocity: When did you first become aware of Generocity? What made you want to become a writer here? Who did you work with?

Alex Vuocolo. (LinkedIn)

Alexander Vuocolo: I started off as a freelancer and contributed as often as possible because it paid more than $50 per story. I came on as a full-time employee a few months later and worked directly with Mike Kaiser, Mo Manklang, and Dave Raible.

Generocity: In what ways has your understanding of issues, the city, etc., been shaped by the time you spent writing for Generocity?

Vuocolo: I learned that many essential social services depend on the whims of a few major foundations. It was a little discouraging to become so invested in such a fickle funding space and witness so many initiatives ultimately add up to very little.

On the positive side, I got to meet a number of devoted nonprofit professionals, government employees, and community leaders who gave me hope for the future of Philadelphia.

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Generocity: What is your favorite Generocity memory?

Vuocolo: I really enjoyed working with Mo Manklang. She stepped up and provided leadership when it was needed. I also enjoyed covering community development efforts in Philadelphia. Those stories felt the most immersive and meaningful.

Generocity: Tell me something I haven’t thought to ask you about your Generocity experience.

When I started out, hadn’t really defined itself yet. A big part of what I did was help establish the website as an actual news source. Back then, the team spent countless hours seated around a table trying to envision what could be.

It was a confusing and heady time that was also sort of exciting for a young journalist with a lot of ideas.

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