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Immigration in Philadelphia: The food perspective

November 6, 2019 Category: FeaturedPurposeShort


This is a guest post by Paul Ferry, a volunteer with the events committee of Net Impact Philadelphia.
Heavily influenced by immigrant communities throughout its history, South Philadelphia is home to America’s oldest and longest-standing outdoor market, and includes a mix of murals, mosaics, fruit and vegetable stands, butcher shops, and more.

The immigration story along this stretch of Philadelphia focuses primarily on the Italians arriving at the turn of the 20th century, the influx of Southeast Asian immigrants coming from Vietnam, Laos, and Cambodia in the 1980s, and the newest arrivals from Mexico (specifically the Puebla region) from 2000 to today.

Join Net Impact Philadelphia this Sunday, November as a personal guide from Philly Tour Hub walks participants through the history, flavors, culture, and flow of immigration to South Philadelphia.

On the tour, which lasts approximately 2 hours, participants will hear about the original heritage of the market while tasting the Italian classics, and then move onto the more recent waves of immigration from Southeast Asia and Mexico. We’ll learn the business owners’ stories behind the foods we’ve come to know and love, from Pat‘s and Geno‘s to South Philly Barbacoa.

Net Impact Philadelphia is the local chapter of the international nonprofit organization, Net Impact. Its mission is to cultivate a network of socially-minded individuals and businesses in the greater Philadelphia region to create transformational change within the workplace, community, and the world.

All tickets include access to the intimate tour group as well as food samplings at a variety of vendors. Tickets cost $20 for premium members and $35 for the general public. RSVP here to reserve a spot. For more information about Net Impact Philadelphia and the benefits of premium membership, visit the Facebook page or website at

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