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Astrological philanthrophy? Let’s talk zodiac sun signs and giving in 2020

January 1, 2020 Category: FeaturedLongPurpose
Boomers may have made astrological forecasts and daily horoscopes pop culture fodder, but Millennials and Gen Zers have brought the ancient art of celestial prognostication to its new heyday.

According to an August 2019 survey conducted by MTV, one third of Gen Zers decide who they will date based on astrology. A whopping “87% of people between the ages of 14 and 29 know their zodiac sign,” according to MTV; 75% lend astrology some credence, and 65% regularly check their horoscope. They leverage a proliferation of apps like iHoroscope and Co-Star for their analysis.

Meanwhile, Millennials — according a 2018 article in The Atlantic — have made zodiac-based content entertaining, and “the signs as” memes a thing. The editor in chief of The Cut told the Atlantic’s Julie Beck that views of horoscope posts on the site keep increasing. In 2017, she said, the number was 150% higher than it was in 2016.

So, what does the zodiac have to offer philanthropy in 2020? We aren’t the first to ask that.

In 2017, Your Tango ranked the signs according to which were most and least likely to be generous (tl:dr? Leos were ranked most generous, Virgos least). Elite Daily disagrees — ranking the four most generous signs of the zodiac — Cancer, Leo, Virgo and Libra — in this 2018 piece.

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In the spirit of New Year fun and fluff, Generocity is joining the fray. We’re not prognosticating (you can get a 2020 forecast for each sign here) but — just for fun — imagining what it might look like if folks decided which social impact organization to donate to based on their sun sign.

Yes, we’re winking at you a bit, while really using this to list a lot of organizations and projects we think are doing great work in the area.

And since this is the first day of 2020, we hope you will put ongoing financial support of these vital local organizations (and the many other ones we had neither the space or wherewithal to include here) on the list of resolutions you will keep in the New Year.


Feisty, fiery innovators for whom the phrase “don’t start nothing, won’t be nothing” is a plan of action, Aries like nonprofits that are utterly fearless, like Juntos and Black and Brown Workers Cooperative, and forward-thinking like Big Picture Alliance, Mighty Writers, and Coded by Kids.


Earthy Taureans are the tireless builders and cultivators of the zodiac. They’re also known to (really) love their food and drink. So supporting organizations like Habitat for Humanity Philadelphia, the Roots to Reentry program of the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, Raíces de Cambio, Philly Urban Creators, East Park Revitalization Alliance and Philadelphia Community Corps satisfies the first part of that personality equation. As for the second … Sunday Suppers, Food Moxie, Kensington  Community Food Coop, and Philly Foodworks are a good start ….


Quick-witted and born storytellers, Geminis are communicators extraordinaire. Supporting media organizations like PhillyCAM, Media Mobilizing Project, Scribe Video Center (and Generocity’s Journalism Fund) are naturals. But also, what wordsmith could ignore these: Asian Arts Initiative, First Person Arts, Philly Slam League, Warrior Writers, Cleaver Magazine, and of course, the Free Library of Philadelphia.



Cancers are the homebodies of the zodiac. They are known to create warm, welcoming homes, and are famed for their gift of hospitality. It is hard to imagine that any cause would be closer to a Cancer’s heart than that of homelessness. Project HOME, Pathways to Housing PA, Bethesda Project, Broad Street Ministry, St. Francis Inn, Valley Youth House, People’s Emergency Center and Sunday Breakfast Rescue Mission are great organizations for Cancers to donate to.


There is no more theatrical sign in the zodiac than the Leo, and those born under this sun sign have big personalities and big ideas. They also really like being center-stage. Fortunately, Philadelphia has lots of theater organizations for them to support: Theater of Witness, Philadelphia Young Playwrights, Theater in the X, Power Street Theatre, and the Walnut Street Theater are just a few.



Meticulous Virgos are the brilliant organizers of the zodiac. Because they are so organized, they’re often tasked with cleaning up other people’s messes (especially financial ones), and while they absolutely want to make everything better, they also want to show people how to make it better for themselves. Nonprofits that offer financial literacy, empowerment and asset building are a Virgo dream (even when they themselves don’t need the services): Ceiba, Clarifi, Bridges to Wealth, Compass Working Capital,


Libras like everything to be beautiful, just and balanced. The sign is filled with creatives, arts patrons and advocates who aren’t afraid to step up to — nicely but firmly — make the world conform to their ideal. Marie Kondo is a Libra — jus’ saying. On the arts side, Libras should check out the orgs Greater Philadelphia Cultural Alliance and Philadelphia Cultural Fund represent (also take a look at the artists the Leeway Foundation funds). On the advocacy side, Libras might want to support  Community Legal Services, Juvenile Law CenterPhiladelphia VIP, and Public Interest Law Center of Philadelphia.


Scorpios are reportedly brilliant at ferreting out the hidden truth of a situation, or coming up with a solution to a seemingly untenable problem. This makes nonprofits that find novel approaches and solutions to big, thorny issues the ideal organizations for a Scorpio to support: Lindy Institute for Urban Innovation, Women Led Cities Initiative,  and United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey (with its new focus on moving the needle on poverty) are a few.


The adventurous natural philosophers of the zodiac,  Sagittarians are all about what lets them travel as far and wide as their imaginations (or their sense of purpose) ranges. The caveat: it has to be ethical, humane, sustainable (and just a little bit quirky) for a Sag to wholeheartedly support it. Neighborhood Bike Works, Bicycle Coalition of Greater Philadelphia,  Concrete Cowboys, and Carriage Horse Freedom are a few of the organizations for them to look into.


Ambitious and persistent, Capricorns like to cultivate leadership and invite professional growth. They should take a look at LEADERSHIP Philadelphia, Immigrant Leadership Institute, and Philadelphia African American Leadership Forum, which fit that bill. Looking cross-sector (because Capricorns are all about knocking down the fences that constrain), they might want to become familiar with some of the opportunities for growth offered by the Chamber of Commerce of Greater Philadelphia, Greater Philadelphia Chamber of Commerce, African American Chamber of Commerce of PA, NJ & DE, and Asian American Chamber of Commerce of Greater Philadelphia.


Aquarians are the big-picture humanitarians of the zodiac. Climate change, environmental degradation, worsening air quality and dwindling access to clean water — and the attendant human costs of each — prompt Aquarians to prioritize support of environmental and sustainability organizations like PennFuture, Delaware River Watershed, Clean Air Council, and  Sustainable Business Network of Philadelphia. On a more micro level, Aquarians long ago stopped using plastic grocery bags and straws and started spending money at social enterprises like Wash Cycle Laundry and Unite by Blue.


Intuitive and emotionally perceptive, Pisceans reportedly hold within themselves all the qualities (good and bad) of the previous 11 signs. This complexity makes them extraordinary healers (literally and/or figuratively). They are drawn to organizations with a multifaceted understanding of what is needed to foster health and wellness for individuals and communities. Organizations like Puentes de Salud, Black Women’s Health Alliance, Mazzoni Center, Philadelphia FIGHT, Philadelphia Refugee Health Collaborative, and Kiths Integrated and Targeted Human Services, are doing deeply impactful health and wellness work within Philly’s communities .



Delaware River Watershed

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