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Feb. 14, 2020 7:08 am

Happy Valentine’s Day — nonprofit style

What tradition makes this day uniquely special for the nonprofit pro?

Head over to Twitter for a sampler of Valentine's Day fun.

(Photo by Engin Akyurt from Pexels)

If you are part of a nonprofit, Giving Tuesday is when you hear the expressions of undying love and appreciation.

The annual gala is when you get a nice dinner out with your plus-one.

Flowers come your way after you’ve secured a hard-won grant or a particularly coveted recognition.

And the stack of pretty cards with grateful sentiments? They’re on your desk waiting for you to address them to your organization’s most generous donors.

So, what tradition is left to mark Valentine’s Day as uniquely special for the nonprofit pro?

The answer to that can be found on Twitter.

A number of years ago Vu Le, the former executive director of RVC in Seattle, and writer of the popular, and immensely entertaining (and astute) blog, Nonprofit AF, got the hashtag #NonprofitPickupLines trending on social. Every year since, nonprofit pros from across the nation have joined in the fun.

This year is no different. While you think of the entry you will post under the hashtag today, we’ve gathered some notable recent examples.


Mine?  Let’s get together and measure some impacts, baby. Yeah, I’m not posting it publicly. 😏

But if you decide to post a nonprofit pickup line on Twitter today, tag us so we can signal boost your efforts.

Oh, and have a Happy Valentine’s Day!


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