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Have you ever been to a virtual career fair centered on social impact?

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This guest post was written by Pam Kokkalis, associate director, career development center and employer engagement, Saint Joseph’s University.
For 10 years, Philadelphia-based universities have partnered to create a career fair aimed at connecting students with mission-driven organizations. In 2019 more than 30 organizations, 19 universities and hundreds of students connected online for a virtual fair that spanned four sectors and dozens of nonprofit organizations.

This year, the Social Impact Consortium of Universities is hosting the virtual career fair during the week of March 30. Registration for nonprofit organizations and government agencies to recruit the region’s newest crop of talent interested in careers for good is officially open.

Why should your organization attend the Social Impact Virtual Career Fair?

The Social Impact Virtual Career Fair is the only one-stop shop for mission-driven organizations to connect with students from 18 area universities.

You want to do good in the world, they want to be a part of it, we want to help connect you. Students are looking for employers that represent the government, NGOs, military, activism, foundations and health and human services sectors.

It’s virtual! Career fairs are a commitment. There are signs to ship, giveaways to pack and time to block. This virtual career fair allows you to participate from your home or office, really anywhere you can take your laptop and connect with students.

You won’t have to download any software. All you will need to do is set up your virtual booth, register and attend. Employers attending in the past loved that the platform will email you a resume bundle and a transcript of your conversations with the ability to rate your interactions.

Who are the students attending the fair?

You can expect to connect with students who have a specific interest in social impact careers. They are looking to change the world by entering into a career with an organization that shares their values.

Whether you are a large foundation with a strong endowment or a small grassroots organization with boots on the ground, there are students interested in working for you.

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